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I’ve seen snow today.   I’ve never seen snow before.   My feet got a bit cold but my woolly fleece kept my body toasty warm.   Mum came and gave us extra EXTRA straw in our pod tonight.   Dennis (he’s an idiot) stood in the doorway and Mum got very cross with him because he was in the way – told you he was an idiot.   Its lovely and snug in my pod.  Hope you all have snug Pods too.

This is a pic of Dennis.  He was born with a wibbly wobbly knee joint, so he can’t walk properly but he manages to get around OK and he thinks he’s a dog !!!!   He’s definitely an idiot.

Mum finished knitting a hat today.   I thought it was for me, but it was a bit too big so I’ve asked if I can have one just for me.   I like head wear….did you see my Antlers at Christmas time?

Switching off my Why-Fy now .   Will bring you more news very soon. Night night.

My name is Miss Fennel Pumpkin and I am a micro sized Corriedale ewe.


ACTUALLY, I’m still technically a lamb as I was born in March 2017. At 6 weeks of age I was very sick and my human Mummy came and took me away from the rest of the sheep flock and put me in a little pen all of my very own. She wanted me to suckle on a bottle….hah….forget that I said, “I’m not drinking from that thing”, bit of a mistake really as she then said that I HAD to have some milk and some other stuff which she said would help me live. So between 6 and 8 times a day, she came and got me, sat me on her lap and stuck a tube thing in my mouth and squirted liquid down my throat until it was all gone. Horrible. Although actually, after a few days, I did sort of start to feel a bit better.
She made me a lovely nest of cosy sheep wool that I snuggled into but after about a week I had a BIG surprise. My Aunty Di (I’ve actually got quite a lot of Aunties now) sent me a HUGE Teddy bear for me to snuggle up to instead. We called him Mr. T and I loved him.

Magic teddy

After about 3 weeks and I’d been allowed outside into the grassy pen to graze a bit of grass, which was actually rather tasty, I started to not feel too good again. When my human Mum came to give me my breakfast in the morning she knew I wasn’t well and stuck a needle in me which she said would make me better. It didn’t. By afternoon I felt really sick. I couldn’t breathe properly and I certainly didn’t want to eat anything. A lady arrived who is called a VET. I could just about hear her saying to my human mum “she’s not going to make it through the night”. My human mummy was very sad and I really wanted to stay with her. Anyway, the medicine the vet lady gave me (and I nearly passed out when she shaved my neck and stuck a HUGE needle right into one of my veins) did make me feel a bit better and I didn’t want to leave my human mummy, so I fought back and made sure I was still there in the morning. My human mummy seemed very very happy I was still here and she hugged me BUT she stuck ANOTHER needle in my leg which hurt, although I knew it was going to help me. She, Mr T and I helped each other and together I got well again. The rest, as they say, is history.

What follows is some more of my story and how I want to help my human mummy in return for loving me SO much that I just COULDN’T leave her….not just yet, anyway.