Hello all.  We have sunshine 2day and its NOT rayning, but there is still lots and lots of mudd.

I have a new friend although I haven’t actually met her yet because she’s living in the BIG shed at the moment.   Her name is Venus as she arrived here on Valentines Day (what’s a Valentine??)   She had to go to the vet this mornin beecos she’s had a poorly leg and not been able to walk properly since she arrived.    The nice vet man has given her some strong medicine (as Mum’s medicine wasn’t strong enough) and she has to have a horrible needle stuck in her mussel every day for 5 days now.  I know what that’s like as I’ve had lots and lots of needles stuck in me.  You can see a picture of her on Mum’s Fleece Fb page.

Mum says to tell you that she is going to be dyeing some yummy wool in the next few days and to look out for some lovely cullerd yarn very soon.

She also said to tell you that she’s sponsoring the West Wales Wool Show this year.   I’m hoping I can go too this year.  I’m sure no one would notice me if I sat in a basket under her table.

That’s all for now as Mum said I have to go and help Dennis (he’s an idiot) eat some hay.


Luv Fennel P. x


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