I’ve seen snow today.   I’ve never seen snow before.   My feet got a bit cold but my woolly fleece kept my body toasty warm.   Mum came and gave us extra EXTRA straw in our pod tonight.   Dennis (he’s an idiot) stood in the doorway and Mum got very cross with him because he was in the way – told you he was an idiot.   Its lovely and snug in my pod.  Hope you all have snug Pods too.

This is a pic of Dennis.  He was born with a wibbly wobbly knee joint, so he can’t walk properly but he manages to get around OK and he thinks he’s a dog !!!!   He’s definitely an idiot.

Mum finished knitting a hat today.   I thought it was for me, but it was a bit too big so I’ve asked if I can have one just for me.   I like head wear….did you see my Antlers at Christmas time?

Switching off my Why-Fy now .   Will bring you more news very soon. Night night.

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