My name is Miss Fennel Pumpkin and I am a micro sized Corriedale ewe.


ACTUALLY, I’m still technically a lamb as I was born in March 2017. At 6 weeks of age I was very sick and my human Mummy came and took me away from the rest of the sheep flock and put me in a little pen all of my very own. She wanted me to suckle on a bottle….hah….forget that I said, “I’m not drinking from that thing”, bit of a mistake really as she then said that I HAD to have some milk and some other stuff which she said would help me live. So between 6 and 8 times a day, she came and got me, sat me on her lap and stuck a tube thing in my mouth and squirted liquid down my throat until it was all gone. Horrible. Although actually, after a few days, I did sort of start to feel a bit better.
She made me a lovely nest of cosy sheep wool that I snuggled into but after about a week I had a BIG surprise. My Aunty Di (I’ve actually got quite a lot of Aunties now) sent me a HUGE Teddy bear for me to snuggle up to instead. We called him Mr. T and I loved him.

Magic teddy

After about 3 weeks and I’d been allowed outside into the grassy pen to graze a bit of grass, which was actually rather tasty, I started to not feel too good again. When my human Mum came to give me my breakfast in the morning she knew I wasn’t well and stuck a needle in me which she said would make me better. It didn’t. By afternoon I felt really sick. I couldn’t breathe properly and I certainly didn’t want to eat anything. A lady arrived who is called a VET. I could just about hear her saying to my human mum “she’s not going to make it through the night”. My human mummy was very sad and I really wanted to stay with her. Anyway, the medicine the vet lady gave me (and I nearly passed out when she shaved my neck and stuck a HUGE needle right into one of my veins) did make me feel a bit better and I didn’t want to leave my human mummy, so I fought back and made sure I was still there in the morning. My human mummy seemed very very happy I was still here and she hugged me BUT she stuck ANOTHER needle in my leg which hurt, although I knew it was going to help me. She, Mr T and I helped each other and together I got well again. The rest, as they say, is history.

What follows is some more of my story and how I want to help my human mummy in return for loving me SO much that I just COULDN’T leave her….not just yet, anyway.

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