8 thoughts on “Welcome to Faithmead Fennel’s Blog

  1. Gorgeous Miss Fennel Pumpkin – we look forward to hearing more of your micro-sized story ♥♥♥ and having more Fennel cuddles xxx

  2. You can come and cuddle me anytime Aunty Judith….and I want a pink coat too 🙂 . Busy helping Mummy sort out lots of lamb fleeces ready to go away in a big box. Then they come back as “Yarn” . Its like magic. xxx

  3. A big huggily from Janma (that’s what her granddaughters call her) who lives in Sussex – a very long way from where you live and, at the moment, just as wet as the weather you have in Wales.

    1. Huggily to ewe too Janma . It is very soggy here and there’s lots of stuff called MUD. My bestie “Dennis” doesn’t mind the mud ….. but then he is an idiot. I’ll tell you more about him later xx

  4. I love your news little Fennel and hope there is plenty of it for years to come. By the way…. you do realise you have a very famous human mummy now 😉
    Take care precious little one xx

    1. Thank ewe Aunty Caroline and I will definitely have lots to report for years to come. Ohhhh yes, I remember those film humans. I hid in my Pod until they’d gone to another part of the farm. I tried to get my bestie ‘Dennis’ to go and show off to them, but it was raining and he said he wasn’t going out in the rain again, unless they were bringing pasta twirls of course. We love pasta twirls 😀 . Ewe take care too……although I’m not sure what that means or where we’re supposed to take it to, but I’ll Goooggly it on tinternet and find out. xx

    1. Hello Aunty Jan. It was lovely to meet ewe 2. Hope you’ll come back soon so that we can have a proper cuddle without any MUD getting in the way. You might have to cuddle Dennis too though…..unless I can shove him through the rails into the summerhouse garden because he doesn’t know how to get out again 😀 He’s an idiot x

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