Monthly Archives: March 2018


We’ve had lots of very very cold weather AND snow.   I quite like it though and it makes me bounce around when Mum comes out with our feeds.     I also loves a bit of haylage.   Not really supposed to have it and we get lots of hay, but special treat for me AND Dennis is a bit from the bag that then goes over to all the big Rams in the next field.    Dennis keeps jumping on Mum when she’s trying to carry the bag.  He’s an idiot.

My friends Trevor and Toby who are Teeswater boys have let us have their woolly coats to get ready to turn into luverly juberly yarn.   Wish I had a woolly jacket like this.  Perhaps mine will be sooperdooper later on in the year.

Mum says we’re going to get Magic and Sparkle’s wool ready next.  They are girls like me, but are black and they are Wensleydales with I tiddly widdly bit of Liconcolnshire Longwool in them.   I’ll get Mum to take some pichers for you to see.