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This page is intended to highlight news items and forthcoming events throughout the year, but for the more 'gossipy' updates ...................




November 24th


Hello everyone. Well, what an exciting couple of months. The wonderful West Wales Wool Show on 6th October in Narberth well brilliantly. Very busy and met up with lots of friends and followers which was fab. I'd been flat out hand dyeing fleece and locks as well as Wet Felting lots of 'collar/scarf' items as well as setting up the Craft Colour Boxes which have been quite popular.

Whilst at the show I had a long chat with the brilliant Indi-dyer Caerthan from Triskelion Yarn. Since that day, I've been to meet with him and he's has commenced a yarn dyeing programme for me. The first 7 colours have now been agreed and are STUNNING. 3 more colours to come along and then the full launch in the New Year. All the natural cream/white colour fleeces will have a colour option but I'll retain the beautiful natural dark colours of the black/brown fleeced sheep. However, the gorgeous Gotlands will have natural and dyed colours available.....its all very exciting and here's a pic of the first 7 colours.


To top that excitement, I then received a letter from the British Wool Marketing Board inviting us to the "Golden Fleece Awards Ceremony" as my luscious Leicester Longwool Fleece that won Champion at Pembrokeshire County Show in August, had been selected as the 'Specialist/Knitwear' Winner for WALES. How about that then ! Tanya's gorgeous fleece will come home with us after the Ceremony and I've yet to decide just how to have this processed....Its a VERY SPECIAL FLEECE.


All for now but will report back after the Ceremony in a couple of weeks :-)




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October 2nd


Hello everyone and yes, this update is LONG overdue.
Anyway, the summer has been hot and busy on the farm with shearing and fleece sorting being a major part of the daily routines. After shearing, all the fleeces are stored in individual bags with the sheep's name on it. The 'coloured' bags go one side of the store and the 'white' bags go the other side to make it easier for me to find what I'm looking for. I have been a little greedy with keeping fleeces back "just in case" and so have been selling a few of my special fleeces on-line for spinners to enjoy their beautiful qualities. Picking fleeces over takes hours and hours of work as sheep will be sheep and manage to pick up all sorts in their beautiful coats.

One of the highlights of this year, or probably THE highlight was winning the Champion Fleece at Pembrokeshire County Show British Wool Marketing Board Fleece competition in August. The lovely Tanya produced a stunning Leicester Longwool fleece and which the judge thought worthy of being the overall winner despite some VERY tough competition from fellow fleece showers. This fleece has gone off to the Welsh depot for the next stage in the "Golden Fleece" competition. Will keep you posted.

We have the brilliant West Wales Wool Show this coming Saturday and we are of course, taking the "Faithmead" stand. Really looking forward to it this year as have a lot more stock and some varied items too including some Felted items I've made as well as some knitted items and even my first felted 'hat' which I loved doing and looking forward to making more. Hope to see some of your there.

Little Miss Fennel Pumpkin is in great health as are her chums Dennis and Wilbur. Fennel's Fibre Friends limited edition yarns will be out very soon.

All for now as preparing for the Wool Show as well as the daily chores around the farm are all consuming. Catch you soon. 




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August 16th


The wool from my special sheep is obviously as special as the sheep themselves and caring for both elements take a lot of time, care and love.
Each year we take along to the Pembrokeshire County Show some fleeces and enter them in the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) Fleece Competition. This year 7 of our 8 fleeces took prizes and our Superstar Leicester Longwool ewe 'Tanzin' produced the perfect fleece which was awarded "Champion" status. This fleece now goes forward to join other Champion fleeces for the "Golden Fleece" competition later in the year.





Look our for lots of new Limited Edition yarns from these winning sheep in the shop very soon, as well as one or two of their very special winning fleeces




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